…What do you think of the new look?

I’m committed to this new setup here. If you’re looking for the fluff, stay tuned because my other blog The Popcorn Principle will be up and running shortly (maybe even later today), where you can have all the crunchy, fluffy goodness you could ever want from me. Feel free to link to both blogs when they’re up and running.

Thanks for your patience during this time of transition!

Best regards,



  1. I like the new title and the look. It’s very friendly to the eye and I’m looking forward to the new content.

  2. Travis: Thank you!

    Turnbaby: Thanks, darlin’.

    Teach: I will do my best to provide it.

    Sanni: Thanks, Sanni. 🙂

    Maleesha: Thanks!

    Woozie: Mmmm…chicken…


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