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Hey look! Ian redesigned his website!

Okay, check it out…I’ve gone from a Drupal to a WordPress platform, which means much friendlier administration and easier on you visitors as well. Now I can make changes as I need to just by plugging in new widgets or possibly a new template. I’d like to point out a few points of interest…

First of all, the header banner will be changing to something a little more “me.” Something superheroey. If you’re an artist and want to make me one, I’ll be happy to display it. If I have several to pick from, I may put them into a rotating banner thingamawhatzit.
Second of all, you see the link above for the Just Cause Wiki? This is a work in progress of mine where I’m keeping notes on my increasingly-complex superhero universe. As I complete manuscripts, I will be adding to the Wiki. You’re welcome to poke around, understanding that there is a lot left unfinished, and may be unfinished for some time. Also, you are not welcome to make any changes.  I think I have stuff appropriately protected, but just to be safe I’m tracking changes and so far haven’t found any that weren’t mine.  See that I don’t.

Next to the Wiki link, you’ll see a link for AKA Literary.  If you’d like to visit my agent’s website and see what it’s all about, please do so.

To your left, you’ll see a rotating slideshow of various Just Cause Universe characters.  All of these were created using Jeff Hebert’s HeroMachine 3, which is a perfect way to waste hours at a time if you don’t play Facebook games.

Finally, if you’ve been hanging around me long enough to remember Perpetual Writer’s Blog or its predecessors, The Popcorn Principle and EDog’s Everything Page, I’ve imported those posts into my archives here, so if you want to see what I was on about in 2006, for example, you can.

Thanks for hanging around, and I certainly hope you’ll continue to do so as I move forward into the Next Big Thing, which should be a book deal – hopefully very soon!


  1. Nice job, Ian! I really need to do that whole import thing too. I know Blogger makes it possible to import posts from old blogs. Need to get all my stuff into one place too.

  2. I love the layout, and the Sally header is beautiful. And you know what else I like? I don’t have to sign in to leave a comment!

  3. See? I can leave another one if I forget to finish my first one, and no captcha. lol

    I think you’re going to like WordPress. The spam filter they use is darn near perfect, and it’s very user-friendly.

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