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Greetings and Salutations

In the hope that I’ve picked up a few new readers after the link from Nathan Bransford, I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself. Hi, I’m Ian. I write. A lot. I specialize in the entire spectrum of the speculative genre from science fiction to cyberpunk, superhero to steampunk, fantasy to slipstream. In this blog I talk about my process, my progress, and my projects. If you want to know more about me and my stuff, there are a bunch of links in the menu bar to all kinds of fun and interesting tidbits. I’d like to specially recommend my webcomic The Adventures of the S-Team for anyone who likes goofy superhero fun, LEGO, or is plugged into pop- and geek-culture.

A Mix Tape to the World

You may have noticed the weird titles for my blog posts. They’re lyrics from the songs I include with each post. Sometimes they’re relevant to the topic at hand. Sometimes they’re messages or inside jokes to people I know. Sometimes they’re just whatever happens to be playing in the soundtrack of my life at that particular moment. Whatever the reason, that’s why they’re there. I hope you enjoy them, because like the deejay of the Universe, I’m spinning these tunes just for you.

Summer’s End

I know, summer technically has another three weeks to go, but for me, the last day of August has always represented the end of the summer, signifying the change of seasons in many aspects of my life.
It’s also characteristically the midpoint of my creative writing season (as opposed to revisions, which I generally focus upon in winter and spring), so it’s a good time to take stock and see how I’m doing.

This year I’ve started three novels, and plan to start one more in November. My goal is to finish as few as one or as many as three this year (four would be nigh-impossible). Those are, in the order they were begun: Champion: A Just Cause Novel (the third in the Mustang Sally books), The Oilman’s Daughter, Hope and Undead Elvis, and coming in November: Rooftops. This is by far the most new material I’ve ever produced in a single year. I’ve also revised Pariah’s Moon, Blackout: A Just Cause Novel, and Troubleshooters. Those three revised projects are now out on submission to publishers, each a different genre, any of which I’d be pleased to have as my first novel. I also finished the agent draft of Blood on the Ice, which is not out on submission at this time (and may require further agent-directed revisions). Still on the shelves right now are Mustang Sally: A Just Cause Novel, The Archmage: A Just Cause Novel, Deep Six: A Just Cause Novel, and Enter the Jackrabbit: A Marginally-Just Cause Novel. Yeah, I’ve got quite the series going here. As far as my first two NaNoWriMo books, those are likely to never again see the light of day, and I’m okay with that; that phase of my life has ended and I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

All in all, it’s been a good year. I can only hope the future will, like old friends, improve with age.


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