Collected Lunacy

Presenting my newest release, Tales of the Weird Wild West!

This collection includes both previously-published and all-new material:

THE MIGHTY PECULIAR INCIDENT AT MUDDY CREEK-What starts out as something simple as a train failing to stop winds up as something mighty peculiar indeed.

CLOCKWORK CHLOE-Bert Tillory can get any woman to say yes, but who is he really looking for?

POSSE-Sometimes when riding down a fugitive, it’s hard to tell who’s the hunter and who’s being hunted.

HANGING THE MAGICIAN-It’s one thing to capture the most notorious horse thief in the West, but quite another to carry out his sentence.

ALL IN-How high can the stakes truly get for a single hand of poker?

SPRING LOADED-Love and revenge, clockwork-style.

All this, plus an original cowboy poem and a preview of the novel PARIAH’S MOON!

$2.99 on Smashwords, and soon to be in Kindle and Nook stores as well!

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