2015: The year in review

It’s been a wild ride.

Part The First: Conventions

COSine, GalaxyFest, StarFest, MileHiCon, Fort Collins Comic Con, Rocky Mtn Con

Mustang Sally at the table!

2015 kicked off with Local Hero Press attending its first ever con, COSine, and thus beginning a foray into a previously untapped world of convention sales. I learned a lot about what sells, what doesn’t, and what kind of cons are the way to go. In 2015, I attended COSine, GalaxyFest, StarFest, Fort Collins Comic Con, MileHiCon, and Rocky Mountain Con. Overall my convention season was positive and profitable, and I’m looking forward to another successful con season in 2016! Watch for me at GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs in February and StarFest in Denver in March. After that? Who knows. I’m planning to hit MileHiCon again, try out Myths And Legends Con, and then we’ll see.

Part The Second: Releases

I still don’t quite believe the release schedule of projects I signed off on as complete this year. 2015 saw two more JCU novels hit the market: Castles and The Lion and the Five Deadly Serpents. I can’t say which one I’m more proud of, because I think they’re both damn good books. I also released two multi-author anthologies, one of which I had a story in (The Good Fight 2: Villains), and one which I was strictly the publisher (Caped). In 2015 I also released several works in print that had previously only been ebooks: Starf*cker, JCU Omnibus Vols. 1 & 2, The Bulletproof Badge, Muddy Creek Tales, and Space Sharks. Finally, Allison M. Dickson and I released our long-awaited steampunk epic, The Oilman’s Daughter. All in all, it was a tremendously busy year for new releases.

Just Cause, Just Cause Universe, Political Thriller, Suspense, SuperheroesJust Cause, Just Cause Universe, martial arts, superheroesSuperheroes, supervillains, multi-author anthologyJust Cause, Pen and Cape Society, multi-author anthology, superheroes, supervillainssteampunk, oil, retro, spaceships, steamPart The Third: The Future

Wondering what’s coming up from me and the rest of Local Hero Press? Good question. Me too! Here’s what I know so far: Assassin, Troubleshooters, and Hope and Undead Elvis will be released in print next month, and they will be available for sale at convention tables. The next JCU novel, Tusks, is going to release sometime in the spring, and there is another JCU book, called Arena, planned for the fall. I’m working hard behind the scenes at Local Hero Press to recruit an author who I want to develop a middle grade property, as that is one area LHP is sorely lacking when it comes to providing options for customers.

As far as other projects go, it’s too soon to tell. There may be another Caped anthology coming next year. There may be another project coauthored with Allison M. Dickson (Although, if past experience is any guide, it may be a year or two before you see it). Will I skip NaNoWriMo again in 2016? Probably. But I’d like to write more than just two novels in 2016, so we’ll see what shakes out. As a friend of mine likes to say, you can only do what you can do.


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