Now on preorder: JACKRABIT: BIG IN JAPAN

(reprinted from Local Hero Press with permission)

Jackrabbit is back!

That’s right, the Coney Champion, the Lapin Lodestar, the Cottontailed Challenger, and the Bunny-eared Braveheart is back in this all-new tale of thrills, chills, spills, and romance! Okay, so maybe it’s not really any of those things, but it is Jackrabbit’s first sequel, which makes it a momentous occasion nonetheless.

From the book description:

OH, JAPAN . . .


All Jackrabbit, Herald of the Rabbit God Leporidus, wanted to do was give his best friend Bunny a nice pre-wedding gift in the form of a trip to Japan.

Naturally, Bunny is kidnapped by ninjas shortly after their arrival, forcing Jackrabbit to play superhero, detective, martial artist, video game enthusiast, street preacher, and more in his quest to rescue his friend. Along the way, he’ll need help from Frog God Herald Kaeru no Uta, talking chimpanzee Chimp Braddock, the Bareknucks Brawler, a Buddhist monk teleporter, and a whole lot of charm and luck. All the while, he’s in a country where he doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t know the customs, but he knows one thing is sure . . .

Ninjas are real.

This book has got everything: talking apes, giant robots, weird Japanese cultural customs, and even the soon-to-be legendary Beet-Lady of British Columbia. In our editor’s words, this book has gone “The Full Deadpool.” If you find yourself sorely in need of laughs now more than ever, let Jackrabbit be your guide. Let him take the wheel. Let him heal you. Remember his mantra: “I don’t have to hate, and I ain’t gonna hate.”

Jackrabbit goes on sale everywhere on February 28. Preorder it for only $3.99 on Amazon here and on Smashwords here, with other retailers soon to follow. Note: If you attend GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs, Colorado February 24-26, we will have print copies available for sale.

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