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It’s the Local Hero Press First Annual Spring Sale!

It’s our First Annual Spring Sale! The clocks have changed, and it’s still light when we close down the shop for the day, and that can only mean one thing: Springtime approaches. To celebrate the season of new life, of warmer temperatures, we are encouraging you to read more books and ebooks. Sit on a […]

Freshening up The Archmage

In keeping with my intent to give readers the best possible experience with my books, I’ve updated the cover of The Archmage. You’ll notice the new version has a larger central character, cleaner fonts, and a more ominous color scheme. And it’s not just prettier on the outside. Like I did with Just Cause, the […]

Things you do while waiting for the agent to call (part 2)

I’m pleased to announce the return of music links to this blog. Listen if you wish. Lovestain – Jose Gonzalez I’ve been working a lot on getting The Archmage up to my current standards. I find myself grimacing a lot at how bad a writer I really was three years ago. I’ve learned so much […]

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