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It’s the Local Hero Press First Annual Spring Sale!

It’s our First Annual Spring Sale! The clocks have changed, and it’s still light when we close down the shop for the day, and that can only mean one thing: Springtime approaches. To celebrate the season of new life, of warmer temperatures, we are encouraging you to read more books and ebooks. Sit on a […]

The State of the Writer

A friend pointed out to me today in a subtle, tactful way that she had no idea what I was doing because I barely talk about my writing in social media, so this is a post to try to alleviate some of that confusion. Here’s where I am in the state of my various projects: […]

Live like the wind upon the water

Anybody Listening? – Queensryche Sam over at Wuthering Life borrowed a blog idea from someone else, and since I don’t seem to have much to say here these days, I thought I’d borrow it as well. I will ruminate on the following: “If you could bring to life a character from one of your stories […]

You don’t know how beautiful you are

Get On Your Boots – U2 Oh, look! Ian’s updating his blog again! Something must have changed. Well, no, not exactly. I’m at a kind of crossroads right now as far as what to do next. I’m nearly caught up to the part of The Archmage where the pages are blank and the story isn’t […]

One step beyond

Yesterday, I made a decision to stop writing superhero fiction. My rationale for this was that nobody (read: agents and acquisitions editors) seemed interested enough to want to read it. Therefore I decided yesterday to set aside my longtime dream of becoming known for writing superhero fiction. It was a difficult decision, but one I […]

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