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These go to eleven

We’ll start off my annual National Novel Writing Month post right, with Nigel Tufnel. Now that you’re all thinking you need to rewatch This Is Spinal Tap again (I know I am!), we can talk about NaNoWriMo and my11th consecutive plunge into the November Madness. Last year I threatened to write a book called Horde but […]

The State of the Writer

A friend pointed out to me today in a subtle, tactful way that she had no idea what I was doing because I barely talk about my writing in social media, so this is a post to try to alleviate some of that confusion. Here’s where I am in the state of my various projects: […]

Compensate me, animate me, complicate me, elevate me

I finished the first draft of Blood on the Ice just a few minutes ago.  I have uploaded the final fifty pages to the Members Only section.  If you want to read it, as well as the rest of the draft, you must register as a member–it’s free, easy, and will enrich your life in […]

If I was king for just one day

Six times a participant, six times a winner.  My official NaNoWriMo word count at the time of submission was 63,006 words.  Blood on the Ice is not yet completed, but I anticipate finishing it early in December.  I will post the final update in the Members Only! section, so if you’re not yet a member […]

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