Pariah’s Moon

These go to eleven

We’ll start off my annual National Novel Writing Month post right, with Nigel Tufnel. Now that you’re all thinking you need to rewatch This Is Spinal Tap again (I know I am!), we can talk about NaNoWriMo and my11th consecutive plunge into the November Madness. Last year I threatened to write a book called Horde but […]

Monday morning quarterback, 1/18/10

“Yes, do.” It’s Monday night, and the first chance today I’ve had to update you all with my week in review.  I spent a lot of this week thinking about Champion, plotting, making notes, etc., until I was unbelievably bogged down.  Finally, in a fit of desperation, I turned to my best friend/editor/confidant/muse and told […]

Monday morning quarterback, 1/11/10

It can happen Wow, what a productive couple weeks it’s been.  I finished the fifth draft of Pariah’s Moon in late December, the second draft of Blood on the Ice last weekend, and the second draft of Blackout: A Just Cause Novel this weekend.  I’m pretty quick at doing revisions, which is good, because I’m […]