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2015: The year in review

It’s been a wild ride. Part The First: Conventions 2015 kicked off with Local Hero Press attending its first ever con, COSine, and thus beginning a foray into a previously untapped world of convention sales. I learned a lot about what sells, what doesn’t, and what kind of cons are the way to go. In […]

The shouting after the rest is over

Having completed the successful launch of my first anthology, The Good Fight, I thought it would be appropriate to take a post to review the process. Things I Did: Publishing other writers is a dangerous occupation, not for the faint of heart. There are contracts. Payments (in some cases). Negotiations. Back-room deals. You have to […]

Coming soon: THE GOOD FIGHT anthology!

The Pen & Cape Society in cooperation with Local Hero Press, LLC, is proud to present The Good Fight, an anthology of superhero fiction stories from some of the best and brightest talents working in the genre today! I’m also in it, with a new Just Cause Universe story that has never been publicly released […]

How do I series?

One of my fellow Pen & Cape Society authors is about to embark on her first series, which is a challenge for any writer. All of us start with a single book, but sometimes that book tells a story, but not necessarily the whole story, and that’s why many authors choose to turn their books […]

How to save the world in less than ten days

I know I’ve been neglectful of this page, partly because I’ve been focusing my efforts on Twitter and Facebook, and partly because I’m trying to write approximately fifty bazillion things at once. That being said, I’m going to try to update here a little more frequently in the hopes that I’ll get some cross traffic […]

A collection of heroes, vigilantes, and other misfits

I’ve joined a union. Well, not exactly a union. More like a guild. Me and several other authors of superhero fiction have banded together to form the Pen & Cape Society, an organization dedicated to the promotion of superhero fiction and increasing the awareness of our brands and our genre.I hope you’ll stop by and […]

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