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My karma ran over my dogma

I don’t actually have a dogma to subscribe to, but I really like that phrase, and karma seems to have caught up with me after getting dumped on for months and months and months. The Conference was spectacular. And it all culminated in the events of late Saturday afternoon. My pitch session was with the […]


It’s that time of year once again. I’ll be attending the Pikes Peak Writers Conference for the third year in a row this coming weekend. As part of the three days of full-immersion workshops on writing, the industry, and the usual run of agents, editors, authors, fabulous guest speakers, decent dinners and mediocre breakfasts, I […]

Manuscript Genetics

There are tricks and tips and techniques to pitching your manuscript to someone, because sooner or later at a conference you’re going to find yourself in an elevator with an agent or editor and if you can be polite and sincere, they might just ask you about your current work in between floors. And you […]

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