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It’s the Local Hero Press First Annual Spring Sale!

It’s our First Annual Spring Sale! The clocks have changed, and it’s still light when we close down the shop for the day, and that can only mean one thing: Springtime approaches. To celebrate the season of new life, of warmer temperatures, we are encouraging you to read more books and ebooks. Sit on a […]

Freshening up The Archmage

In keeping with my intent to give readers the best possible experience with my books, I’ve updated the cover of The Archmage. You’ll notice the new version has a larger central character, cleaner fonts, and a more ominous color scheme. And it’s not just prettier on the outside. Like I did with Just Cause, the […]

I felt you like electric light

Machinehead – Bush The first draft of Blackout is officially done. I completed it Monday night, actually, but needed some downtime to recover from the explosive and emotionally-difficult (for me) ending. Final tally: 88,499 words. That’s just 1500 shy of my projection, and 2 weeks before my self-imposed deadline. Therefore I can legitimately claim I […]

Winding like an ancient river, the time is now again

Ceiling Unlimited – Rush I finished The Archmage tonight. After shelving it at 95% done more than three years ago, it is no longer hanging over me like a 26-ton weight. It’s a sequel, so I’m not going to put in much more effort on it until I sell someone on the Just Cause series. […]

You don’t know how beautiful you are

Get On Your Boots – U2 Oh, look! Ian’s updating his blog again! Something must have changed. Well, no, not exactly. I’m at a kind of crossroads right now as far as what to do next. I’m nearly caught up to the part of The Archmage where the pages are blank and the story isn’t […]

Writing on the go

Words that we Couldnt Say – Steve Conte/Yoko Kanno I installed mobile document creation software on my CrackBerry, er, BlackBerry today. I can now edit or write new things easily from my phone. Will I someday write an entire novel on it? It’s possible. If only they had OpenDocuments so I didn’t have to keep […]

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